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About The Bummer Bears

Hi! I'm Jenny Robbins and I'm the founder and Den Mother of Bummer Bears.

People often ask me how I came up with the Bummer Bear idea.

I've got my Aunt Mary's open-heart surgery and her teddy bear collection to thank for it. I wanted to get my aunt a special gift after her open-heart surgery since I knew first-hand how yucky it was to have your chest cracked open (since I'd had my own open-heart surgery in 2005) and my mom mentioned that my aunt collected teddy bears. I knew right then that I'd have to create a bear with a vertical "scar" down its chest. Rather than just stitching a scar on the bear, my mom suggested using a real zipper (since those of us who have had open-heart surgery become members of the "zipper club"). That was the first Mended Heart® Bummer Bear.

I made a second Mended Heart® Bear for another friend who was having open-heart surgery and it was then that I realized that making bears that had injuries (or “bummers”) that matched the recipient's  would be a great get-well gift. A Bummer Bear would last longer and would be more huggable than a get-well gift of flowers.

My favorite part of having the Bummer Bear business is seeing a picture of a kid (or an adult) holding their Bummer Bear and smiling or receiving a nice note from a customer telling me how much the recipient loved his Bummer Bear! Knowing that the bears are making people a little happier or taking their mind off their recovery or their pain makes me glad that I started this business.

Thank you for dropping by the Bummer Bear site. I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions about the Bummer Bears or the website. Send me a note through the Contact page or directly at jenny@BummerBears.com

Jenny Robbins
Founder & Den Mother
Bummer Bears

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